What Is A Refrigerator Air Filter?

What Is A Refrigerator Air Filter?

If you have a modern refrigerator that features a water dispenser, then you may easily understand that it needs a refrigerator water filter, but you may be wondering to discover that your fridge also has an air filter too. What is a refrigerator air filter, and why is it an essential component of many refrigerators. If you are looking for  W10311524 refrigerator air filter and don’t know how to install it, this guide will cover everything you need to know about refrigerator air filters.


What Is A Refrigerator Air Filter?


In refrigerators, air filters are used to catch the odor and containment in the air to keep your food fresh. Air filters aids in catching the ethylene gasses that are emitted by vegetables and fruits to keep them fresh longer. Some air filters may be built into the refrigerator, but it depends on the model of the fridge. Most of the air filters are made with activated carbon. However, there are a lot of options for deodorizing a refrigerator. The best method is placing baking soda in the fridge, but air filters like W10311524 are more effective than baking soda and purify more efficiently to keep your food crunchy and reduce odors.


How to Use and Install the Air Filter 


There are two main types of air filter installations. You need to follow different steps to install the air filter. First off, identify the air filter type and then install the air filter accordingly. 


Type 1


If you have a full-size refrigerator, find the air filter behind the LED-lighted vent. It is located on the back wall of your fridge. Here’s how to install a type 1 refrigerator air filter:

  • Uncover type 1 air filter the packaging and pull out the cover over the vented cover.  
  • Lift up one side of the cover and then remove its cover. 
  • Install the filter


Type 2


You can install the type 2 refrigerator air filter in the back of the vented door. You can find it near the top of the fridge on the back wall. Here’s how to install the type 2 refrigerator air filter:

  • First off, remove its cover from the packaging of the air filter
  • Open the vented door and install the filter.

What Does the Air Filter Do?


It is essential to install the air filter in your refrigerator for good reasons. For example, refrigerator air filters are fifteen times stronger than common methods of reducing food odors like baking soda. The accessory packet comes with an air filter that you need to install before use in some models. It is generally found near the upper compartment of your fridge. 


What is the purpose of an air filter in my refrigerator?


These days, all new refrigerators have air filters that keep your food fresh and crunchy. The main purpose of the fridge air filters is to filter the air that your refrigerator circulates. These air filters work where there are odors inside your refrigerator like spoiled vegetables or fruit and open containers of food. In this case, the air filter traps the bad odor into the fridge and filters the good-smelling air back. Studies have shown that the fridge air filters can clean and filter the air in the refrigerator eight times better than placing a baking soda box.   



Does your refrigerator model have an air filter?


If your refrigerator has an air filter, it is found inside the housing. It can be either flat or cylinder in shape. The flat air filter has a tab sticking out so that you can change it easily. The side-by-side fridge and French door refrigerator models have an air filter. You can check your owner’s manual to see which air filter you should install in your refrigerator. When you are looking the installing the air filter in your refrigerator, make sure to choose the one that is compatible with your refrigerator’s model number, and you should know its correct size. Usually, purchasing the whirlpool refrigerator air filters is the safest bet and may cost a little.


How often do I change the air filter in my refrigerator?


The refrigerator air filter should be changed every six months. The new refrigerator models come with built-in air filters and a filter monitor. This filter monitor will tell the users when the changing time is near. Or you can check the user’s manual to see when to change the air filter in your refrigerator. In order to install a new air filter, push a reset button. Hold it until the filter monitor flashes. It takes around 10 minutes to change the air filters on your fridge from start to finish. 


How do I keep my refrigerator smelling fresh?


Everyone wants to get rid of the food that has spoiled and past its expiry date. In order to keep your fridge smell fresh, wash your fridge compartment with baking soda solution (water, vinegar, and baking soda). Wash the entire fridge, including shelves, crisper, and door gaskets. Install a new air filter after deodorizing your refrigerator and your refrigerator will smell clean and fresh for the next 5 to 6 months.


What is the best refrigerator air filter?


The best refrigerator air filter is Whirlpool W10311524 air filter, an air filter replacement assembly for Maytag, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Kenmore, and Jenn-Air. To maintain freshness, you need to replace it every six months. It has the capability to reduce the odor fifteen times more than baking soda. Moreover, it can neutralize the odor caused by bacteria to pass through the air actively. It is an activated carbon air filter that keeps your fridge odor-free, clean and fresh. The carbon-based material can absorb the odor of common foods. Even if your fridge is well-stocked, your food remains fresh longer due to its great functionality. This air filter is highly affordable and effective at keeping your food crunchy for more days. Above all, this high-quality air filter can be used with all popular refrigerators models.