How Often Should We Replace Our Edr1rxd1 Water Filter?

The water filtered by Dfilters edr1rxd1 water filter

Refrigerators are undoubtedly included in the list of must-have home appliances. Water filters are an important component of any fridge that ensures to dispense only clean water and offer the functionality of ice-making. The refrigerator edr1rxd1 water filter can improve the taste and quality of drinking water.

However, they come with a limited lifespan. That’s why changing your refrigerator filter regularly ensures that you have the cleanest and safest water available for your family. Whether you are using a water filter for making ice or drinking cold water, you should replace it after some months. Not all people know how often they should replace the fridge water filter. Here, we will discuss how often to change your water filter. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!


How Often to Change Your Water Filter


No matter what kind of refrigerator filter you have, you need to be changed within their user manual. Whether you have W10295370a edr1rxd1 filter or edr3rxd1 water filter ,all water filters come with manufacturer guidelines on when you need to replace your filter. However, some filters may require replacement every 3 months; whereas good quality fridge filters need to be replaced every 6 months. The best refrigerators such as Fisher, LG and Samsung feature a light that alerts you when you need to change your fridge filter.  


The common time frame for new model refrigerators is every 6 months. The everydrop water filters, Samsung water filters and Kenmore water filters use the six-month changing time frame. However, the six-month replacement time frame is standard; the actual lifespan of your fridge water filter depends on how many unwanted contaminants pass through it and how much filtered water you and your family consume from the fridge water filter daily. So don’t forget to set a reminder to change your water filters on a regular basis and on time. Even if you have a reverse osmosis system, you should change its filters too. 


Manufacturers recommend that every homeowner should change edr1rxd1 filters every six months to avoid damage and build-up to the refrigerator. But it is up to the owner to decide when to replace the refrigerator water filter. However, if you have spent huge bucks on your fridge water filters and want to ensure that it is kept in good condition, replace the filters as directed. 


What Happens If I Don't Change My Refrigerator Water Filter?


Whether you need to change your fridge water filter or not, it is entirely your choice. However, if you decide not to change your refrigerator filter, then get ready to deal with the outcomes. An unchanged fridge filter can produce water with a bad taste or foul odor. A clogged filter may also affect the mechanical actions within the fridge like an ice maker. The water dispensing function of a refrigerator gives you ease. It is a significant investment and should be treated as such. So make sure that you change your filter every 6 months to prevent contaminants and other unwanted impurities in the water. 


Signs You Need to Change the Edr1rxd1 water Filter


Abnormal Appearance


Discolored water and cloudy ice? It is probably a sign that your fridge filter needs to be changed. So if your filtered water is cloudy, it’s the right time to change your water filter. 


Ice has an Odd Smell


If you fill your glass with ice cubes and then pours water or beverage. When your ice starts to melt, you will feel some metallic, sour and odd smell from your glass. It’s not due to dispensed water. It is due to ice. There are many causes of ice’s odd-smelling, but it is likely due to the old water filter despite your clean ice bin and freezer. 


Unpleasant Taste


Even if the filtered water is clear, you may feel the unpleasant taste which is the sign of filter failure. Your taste buds will tell you something is wrong with your filtered water. In this case, put your glass down and start thinking about changing your water filter. Clean drinking water has no color and beyond a mild metallic flavor. However, the taste of softened water is slightly salty. As we all know how fridge filtered water usually tastes; when you notice some changes in taste, replace your filter. 


More than a Year of Use


One rule of thumb that you should remember is that replace your w10295370a filter after more than a year of use. However, it is recommended that you change your fridge water filter after every 6 months of steady use. Back-up filters usually have a long shelf-life. But if you are getting filtered water and ice from your fridge that means your refrigerator water filter is getting a full workout. 


Murky Appearance of Water or Ice


If the water you dispense from the refrigerator looks murky and the ice looks cloudy, then don’t consume them. Change your filter right away and flush the water lines with the non-toxic cleaner. The murky appearance of water indicates that there is enough contaminant in your filtered water or ice. 


Water Filter Light Turns On


If you know the easiest way to know if your refrigerator filter needs changing, then it is the water filter light. Almost all refrigerators with water dispensers come with a light that turns on when it’s time to change your water filter.  


Slow Flow


If you experience a slower flow rate that means your water filter has mineral deposits. This shows that your filter is preventing unwanted contaminants from getting into your water. If your ice cubes are becoming smaller, then it means your refrigerator water dispenser starts working slower. This is an alert that your filter gets clogged. All these signs indicate that your fridge filter has reached its lifespan.


Bottom Line:


There’s no doubt that a refrigerator edr1rxd1 water filter allows you easy access to clean drinking water, leading to healthy living. However, changing your refrigerator water filter after every six months is necessary for a good water filtration system.