At D Filters, including the founders, everyone has more than 6 years of work experience in the kitchen appliance business or B2C business. It is almost impossible for a group of people with common interests to get together to start a business, but we are the exception.

We have product experts familiar with kitchen appliances and related accessories, and customer service directors who have solved 5000+ customer complaints. There are many unmentioned professionals in various fields in our team, and we are confident that this business will be successful.

We Promise

We need to be honest with our customers, so when customers contact us, it is easier to start communication and solve problems.

Free Shipping

On D Filters.com, no matter how much you purchase, you can enjoy free delivery service, of course, only in the United States. And all of our products are directly sent to the US warehouses, and then directly to everyone's door.

30 Days Return Policy

Usually, within 30 days of receiving the goods, if there is a quality problem, we provide free return and exchange. If there are special situations, the warranty period will be extended, because for us, customers are always first.

Customer Service

Please feel free to contact us on business day. As long as you need it, we are here.

Low Prices

Although the price is not one of our advantages, compared with other competitors, our prices are also guaranteed to be very competitive.

What Make Our Products Outstanding

Pure PP Rigid Shell

Food-grade materials, BPA-free, Lead-free, Recyclable.

Coconut Shell Carbon Block

The high-grade coconut carbon block filter is effective in reducing chlorine, taste and odor in your water.

Perfect Fit

Compatible, Leak-free, Easy Installation.

Standard Performance

The service life of all our filter is the same as that of the original equipment manufacturer.


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