D Filters was founded by Owen Peng in 2021 and started the refrigerator filter business in China.
It’s a totally new brand that brings affordable and advanced filter to people all over the United States.
We may have come a long way since our difficult beginnings, but our vision remains the same: to help more & more people get used to drink pure and clean filtered water.
Email Address: support@dfilters.com


We love drinking water, we love to communicate with people, we love what we are doing. Our goal is to attract more and more consumers with sincere service, to prove that our Made in China is different.


The meaning of D Filters' existence is to bring the best products and the most satisfactory service to customers. This principle drives us forward and is the reason why we founded D Filters. We have the utmost determination, either to be the best or nothing. We do not have distributors, so all our products are directly sent to the US warehouses, and then directly to everyone's door, which indirectly reduces pollution emissions from transportation.


HEALTH - It is precisely because of our greatest concern for health that we choose to be in the filter business. We hope to bring our successful products and advanced concepts to everyone.
ENVIRONMENT - Sustainable development is the responsibility of each of us. As a filter manufacturer, our products are made of recyclable PP plastic. At the same time, unlike most other manufacturers, the packaging of our products has been optimized to reduce the reuse of plastics and greatly reduce the waste of plastics. We are eager to make more contributions to health and the environment. We will do our part and believe that we will fulfill our dreams someday in the future.



When everyone is working towards a goal, success is not difficult.

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