Top 6 Reasons To Drink Filtered Water

Drinking water filtered by dfilters edr1rxd1 water filter

Everyone knows the amazing benefits of water, then why drinking filtered water is necessary? Is it really crucial to drink filtered water? Is it really adds a lot of benefits that the water already provides you? We are glad you have asked! In this guide, you will learn the top 6 reasons to drink filtered water. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!


  • Contaminant Free


Public water treatment systems use chloramine and chlorine to kill germs and microbes. However, these chemicals are good disinfectants for water filtration when it comes to large-scale water treatment facilities. Also, there are a lot of other substances and contaminants that are found in the water supply. They are increasing at an alarming rate in the water supply. Arsenic is found in unfiltered water that is carcinogenic. Aluminum is also present in poorly filtered water, and its traces in water can increase skin problems, cause hyperactivity and live disease. 


Water filters remove all these harmful substances from the tap water and reduce the chances of causing water-borne disease and developing cancer. The edr1rxd1 water filter removes chemicals and ensures that you are drinking purified water free from contaminants and potential risks of causing diseases. Moreover, it prevents exposure to chemicals that could be harmful to you.


2- Speed up our metabolism


Filtered water is free from containment that helps to speed up your metabolism, which is essential for the proper functioning of your body. It not only improves our metabolism but also helps to absorb nutrients. The one who has a water filter at the home note that he consumes more water. When you stay hydrated with filtered water and pair this habit with exercise and sports, all these components will help to improve your metabolism. Filtered water tastes better and has no potential risks of contaminant that improve your health. 


 Filtered water aids in weight loss by speeding up the metabolism. A well-functioning metabolism helps maintain the proper functioning of the body and better digestion that consequently help you lose weight. 


3- Hydration of skin:


Drinking water is vital for the proper hydration of the skin. With each passing day, the beauty industry is growing, and a lot of products are launched to make your skin glowing and look better. However, we keep drinking carbonated drinks. Filtered water is one the best ways to improve our skin's health and hydration when you consume it in sufficient quantities. That’s why some people prefer to use a fridge that comes with a edr1rxd1 water filter to drink filtered water every time they want to hydrate themselves. So consuming filtered water not only save your huge buck to buy cosmetics but also helps to hydrate your skin.


4- Detoxification:


Detoxification is also included in the health benefits of drinking filtered water. When you drink filtered water, it can have a significant effect on your body’s detoxification. You can also drink distilled water for the detoxification of your body. But don’t drink it for a longer time period because it can cause a lot of health problems. Nowadays, we eat a lot of junk food and other chemicals we consume through other foods; detoxification is essential for your health. And drinking filtered water can help you in pursuing this goal. 


5- Encourages Absorption of Key Nutrients


Drinking filtered water also encourages nutrient absorption in the body. When you drink water that contains contaminants, then the body needs to work harder to detoxify—consequently, the cells’ nutrient absorption and rate of water decrease. When you drink filtered water, it not only improves your overall health but also improve nutrients absorption. With mineral absorption, it helps in speeding up your metabolism, which is essential for the proper functioning of your body. Better still, when you have a water filtration system or fridge water filter like edr1rxd1, and edr2rxd1, it can increase your water consumption which is an important component for good health and metabolism. When you have a good metabolic rate, then you can lose more weight. So if you are on a mission to shed off some extra pounds, consider using edr1rxd1 water filter.


6- Good taste:


Public water system comes with many disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is the unpleasant taste which is due to the odor and color. Every drop of water filters ensures that every glass of water that you consume is tasty, clear, and pure. You can even use the filtered water in cooking and cook the food with great tasting.


 Others reasons:


  • Having a filtration system and drinking filtered water is also an eco-friendly practice. When you compare it with bottled water, it is less of a burden to our environment. Bottled water cause plastic pollutant that is harmful to our environment. Moreover, the improper disposal of these plastic bottles leads to health risks. When you substitute bottled water with fridge water filters, it has a positive impact on our environment. Refrigerator water filters can be a great investment anyone can make to live a healthy life, and it saves you a great amount of money in the long run. 
  • The tap water contaminants are very harmful to your body. The short-term and long-term exposure can adversely impact your overall health. The potentially dangerous contaminants that are found in tap water are heavy metals, fluoride, bacteria, chlorine, viruses, and cysts that can cause diseases. However, filtered water is clear from such contaminants and lowers the risk of developing diseases such as bladder cancer, rectal cancer, and colon cancer.  
  • The filtered water is not clean and pure but also good in taste. You can use it in your cooking. When you cook with fresh water that is good in taste, then your food will be more fingers licking, tastier and nutritious.  


Bottom line:


Having a fridge water filter is a simple yet effective way to improve the health of you and your family. You can get clean and pure water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water and get the health benefits that it brings with it.